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The States of Consciousness Research Team at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine needs your help. We are conducting an anonymous online survey of Near Death Experiences (NDE) and other non-ordinary experiences that fundamentally altered beliefs or understanding about death and dying.

1. The survey is an opportunity to revisit and contemplate a significant and possibly transformative experience.
2. You may find it meaningful to further explore some of the philosophical implications of your experience.
3. You will be making a unique and important scientific contribution.

Darrick May, MD
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

We removed the survey link because the research team reached the required number of participants. We will come back to you to give some results related to this study. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Nous avons enlevé le lien du sondage car l'équipe de recherche a atteint le nombre de participants requis. Nous vous reviendrons pour offrir quelques résultats reliés à cette étude. Merci à tous ceux qui ont collaboré.
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jeudi, 20 novembre 2014 09:44

Recherche sur les EMI

NDE Phenomenology Study and Call for research participants

Une chercheure québécoise et doctorante, Vanessa Charland-Verville, conduit une étude sur les expériences de mort imminente (EMI) dans le cadre de sa thèse de doctorat, affiliée au Coma Science Group (Université de Liège, Belgique).

She has ongoing projects investigating the neural correlates of "Near Death Experiences" and altered states of consciousness. Her other interests reside on the assessment of cognitive functions following a cardiac arrest and post-coma memories.

Voir document en format .pdf / see pdf document

mardi, 04 février 2014 09:19

NDE After Effects Study

Announcement of NDE After effects study and Call for research participants

Description of research project

To explore what transpires during an NDE that triggers an onset or enhancement of cognitive or physiologic faculties post-NDE. Examples of cognitive or physiologic enhancements include new-found musical, artistic or mathematical ability. Physiologic changes might include improved eyesight, spontaneous healing, electrical sensitivity, enhanced IQ. The goal of the study is to explore changes produced by NDE's that are not explained through physical science. Details in pdf document below.